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Glossary: Y
Released Year: 2020
Runtime: 93 minutes
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Directors: David Koepp
Casts: Geoff Bell, Kevin Bacon, Amanda Seyfried, Avery Essex, Colin Blumenau, Lowri Ann Richards, Eli Powers
IMDB: You Should Have Left (2020)

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IMDB Rating: 5.3


San Francisco Chronicle - Mick LaSalle
It’s low-key in tone and not a splatter fest, even remotely. You Should Have Left is horror for a thinking audience.
Variety - Owen Gleiberman
The movie won’t disturb your dreams, but it grabs hold of you and keeps tugging.
IndieWire - Kate Erbland
Bacon holds it steady, setting up residence in an uneasy, unwell character, unconcerned with making him likable or worth rooting for — the kind of person who gets left behind, and with good reason.
The Hollywood Reporter - John DeFore
Koepp and his cast successfully convey how afraid the family becomes once it's clear they're being supernaturally prevented from leaving the house. But that's not the most original idea upon which to build a franchise, and it's clear from both third-act exposition and the pic's final scene that the filmmakers want just that.
CNN - Brian Lowry
There's an unintended kick, in the current moment, watching a movie designed to make you want to flee the confines of a house.

You Should Have Left (2020)

In an effort to repair their relationship, a couple books a vacation in the countryside for themselves and their daughter. What starts as a perfect retreat begins to fall apart as one loses their grip on reality, and a sinister force tries to tear them apart.