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We Can Be Heroes (2020)

When alien invaders capture Earth's superheroes, their kids must learn to work together to save their parents - and the planet.

We Can Be Heroes (2020)

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Released Year: 2020
Runtime: 100 minutes
Genre: Action, Family, Fantasy
Directors: Robert Rodriguez
Writers: Robert Rodriguez


When alien invaders capture Earth's superheroes, their kids must learn to work together to save their parents - and the planet.



IGN - Rafael Motamayor
Robert Rodriguez delivers a family-friendly film that feels like his most personal project yet. We Can Be Heroes is a cheerful and colorful take on the superhero genre with a powerful message about empowering younger generations to take the reins and do better than their parents.
Chicago Sun-Times - Richard Roeper
Though aimed at a young audience, this is one of those superhero adventures that will keep the adults entertained as well.
75 - Carlos Aguilar
With enough enjoyable originality to differentiate it from the numerous takes on the super men and wonder women that so heavily populate film and TV these days, We Can Be Heroes flies Rodriguez back to one of his main areas of interest.
The Hollywood Reporter - Frank Scheck
Much like Rodriguez's Spy Kids films, We Can Be Heroes proves silly, light-hearted fun for its target audience, blissfully free of ponderousness and enlivened by antic humor.
IndieWire - David Ehrlich
A zany, imaginative, and extremely kid-oriented “Avengers” riff that combines major stars with Snapchat-level special effects in order to lend a live-action Saturday morning cartoon vibe to a story about seizing your own destiny, “We Can Be Heroes” is the ultimate Troublemaker movie.

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