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Released Year: 2018
Runtime: 80 minutes
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Family
Directors: David Stoten
Writers: Andrew Brenner
Casts: Joseph May, Rasmus Hardiker, David Bedella, Chipo Chung, Richie Campbell, Rufus Jones, Jules de Jongh, Steven Kynman, Teresa Gallagher, Peter Andre, Rachael Louise Miller, Bob Golding, Yvonne Grundy, Abubakar Salim
IMDB: Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie (2018)

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IMDB Rating: 5.5


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Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie (2018)

Thomas leaves Sodor to fulfil his dream of seeing the world. This heroic quest takes Thomas across deserts, through jungles and over dangerous mountains as he travels across five continents seeing sights he has never seen before.