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Released Year: 1952
Runtime: 152 minutes
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Directors: Cecil B. DeMille
Casts: Lawrence Tierney, Kathleen Freeman, Charlton Heston, Noel Neill, Angelo Rossitto, Eric Alden, Chuck Hamilton, James Stewart, Bing Crosby, Henry Wilcoxon, Milton Kibbee, Bess Flowers, Gloria Grahame, Lane Chandler, Julia Faye, Dorothy Adams, Robert Carson, Frank Wilcox, Cecil B. DeMille, Oliver Blake, Dorothy Lamour, Bob Hope, Edmond O'Brien, Syd Saylor, Erville Alderson, Davison Clark, Beverly Washburn, Franklyn Farnum, John Ridgely, Cornel Wilde, Lee Aaker, Betty Hutton, Lyle Bettger, John Kellogg, John Ringling North, Emmett Kelly, Lou Jacobs, Brad Jackson, Lillian Albertson, Arthur Q. Bryan, Mona Freeman, William Boyd, Nancy Gates, Bob Crosby, Daisy Earles, Luce Potter
IMDB: The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)

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IMDB Rating: 6.6


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The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)

To ensure a full profitable season, circus manager Brad Braden engages The Great Sebastian, though this moves his girlfriend Holly from her hard-won center trapeze spot. Holly and Sebastian begin a dangerous one-upmanship duel in the ring, while he pursues her on the ground.