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The Darkness (2016)

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Released Year: 2016
Runtime: 92 minutes
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Directors: Greg McLean


A family returns from a Grand Canyon vacation with a supernatural presence in tow.



The A.V. Club - A.A. Dowd
It’s vaguely endearing to watch Bacon and Mitchell actually try to act their way through the film’s family drama, as though it weren’t a perfunctory pretext to jump scares. The Darkness needs their chops. It needs anything to distract horror fans from the fact that there’s nothing new here.
Los Angeles Times - Noel Murray
While McLean and company admirably aim for some relevance by tying the Taylors’ haunting to their personal demons, ultimately The Darkness is just the same old show: things that go bump in the night, and the tasteful decor they defile.
New York Daily News - Edward Douglas
The Darkness offers very few new scares, mainly because it's so haunted by the ghosts of far better horror movies.
The Guardian - Jordan Hoffman
Bacon, Mitchell and especially young Lucy Fry are all quite effective in these dramatic scenes. But this isn’t a drama. It’s a dumbass, inexpensive horror flick which means anything real is thrown away so that poorly rendered CG ghosts can hover about and smash up windows.
Movie Nation - Roger Moore
The scariest thing about The Darkness turns out to be the trailers to this summer’s more promising horror offerings, “Lights Out” and “Don’t Breathe.”

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