The Catcher Was a Spy (2018)

Major league baseball player, Moe Berg, lives a double life working for the Office of Strategic Services.

The Catcher Was a Spy (2018)

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Uproxx - Vince Mancini
The film doesn’t try to alter Berg’s most essential quality, that he was a mystery.
The Hollywood Reporter - John DeFore
This is a very enjoyable middle-of-the-road adventure, especially for moviegoers willing to see just about anything starring Rudd.
The Film Stage - Dan Mecca
Where Spy succeeds the most is in the first half. Rudd is top-notch, playing Berg as a tragic sort jailed in his own mind, internally fighting and assimilating to a world that cannot accept him.
Movie Nation - Roger Moore
The movie is imminently watchable, and the surface sheen is fine, but the real Berg remains more mystery than man with a mission.
The Guardian - Jordan Hoffman
The film isn’t a home run, but with Rudd in the lead in something so out of the ordinary for him, it’s fair to call a ground rule double.

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