General Information

Glossary: R
Released Year: 2013
Runtime: 88 minutes
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Directors: Gabriel Sabloff
Writers: Gabriel Sabloff, Sean Paul Murphy
Casts: Jen Lilley, Ray Wise, Brian Bosworth, Eric Roberts, David A.R. White, Logan White, Michael John Lane
IMDB: Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End (2013)

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IMDB Rating: 4.9


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Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End (2013)

Josh McManus, a traveling salesman with a cloudy past, finds himself in a dusty West Texas town at the wrong time. After a crippling series of earthquakes throws the entire world into chaos, a traveling salesman will have to fight his way through a vicious outlaw biker gang known as the Barbarians to get home to his family.