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Glossary: P
Released Year: 2019
Runtime: 77 minutes
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Directors: Daniel Robbins
Writers: Zack Weiner
Casts: Phillip Andre Botello, Zack Weiner, Zachery Byrd, Aaron Dalla Villa, Erica Boozer, Joe Gallagher, Cameron Cowperthwaite, Jesse Pimentel, Jean-Louis Droulers, Melanie Rothman, Emily Creighton
IMDB: Pledge (2019)

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IMDB Rating: 5.4


Film Threat - Norman Gidney
The surprise is the remarkable script from screenwriter (Zack Weiner) and the sharp-eyed direction from Daniel Robbins who work to take an idea we have seen a million times before and turn out something new and fiercely entertaining.
Variety - Dennis Harvey
This third feature for director Daniel Robbins is no delicate flower of cinematic art, but a lean and mean shocker that tells its tale of collegiate hazing run amuck with brute efficiency.
Movie Nation - Roger Moore
Pledge is a bloody, nervy and lean thriller about “hazing” taken to its logical extreme. If you’re OK with torturing somebody so that the “shared experience” will “bond” you to your “brothers,” maybe there’s a little sociopath in you, Pledge.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - Barry Hertz
It’s not that every film has to achieve some grand epiphany, but Touch Me Not is not nearly as satisfying as the primal act it’s obsessed with.
The New York Times - Jeannette Catsoulis
If you like your torture movies tight, twisty and decently executed, then Pledge is for you.

Pledge (2019)

Three friends pledge a fraternity that's deadly serious about its secret rituals, turning their rush into a race for survival.