Pinocchio (2022)

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Released Year: 2022
Runtime: 111 minutes
Directors: Robert Zemeckis


A wooden puppet embarks on a thrilling adventure to become a real boy.



Chicago Sun-Times - Richard Roeper
Every frame of “Pinocchio” is filled with rich and lush detail — at times this almost looks like a 3-D film — and the performances, whether live action or voiced, are universally excellent.
CNET - Richard Trenholm
A brand new remake of the classic Disney animation sanitizes the aging cartoon's more dubious elements, but still manages to be bizarre as all get out -- and in fact, this awkward mash-mash of digital effects and live action adds new levels of weird.
The Guardian - Adrian Horton
The film is competently crafted, dutifully acted, clearly labored over with soul, and yet, like its star, lacks a beating heart.
IGN - Tara Bennett
Aside from an unexpected ending, director Robert Zemeckis is basically doing a paint-by-numbers version of the studio’s much better original, just with modern animation and Tom Hanks. And while Tom always tries his best, even he can’t make this redo memorable on its own merits.
IndieWire - Christian Zilko
While the original story remains undeniably excellent, “Pinocchio” fails at re-telling it because it ignores its own advice. Each failed attempt to modernize its beautiful message serves as a reminder of how little it needed updating in the first place.

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