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Glossary: I
Released Year: 1989
Runtime: 89 minutes
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Directors: Tibor Takács
Casts: Clayton Rohner, Bruce Wagner, Mary Pat Gleason, Stephanie Hodge, Randall William Cook, Christopher Kriesa, Vance Valencia, Murray Rubin, Jenny Wright, Michelle Jordan, Mary Baldwin, Raf Nazario, Bob Frank, Kevin Best
IMDB: I, Madman (1989)

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IMDB Rating: 6.0


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I, Madman (1989)

Virginia works at a used book store. She's really into horror novels and discovers a really good book. It's called "I, Madman" and it's about an insane doctor who cuts off people's noses, ears, and hair and puts them on his face to please a girl he likes. Only Virginia discovers that the book is nonfiction, and every time she picks up the book to read it, she sees him. The insane doctor from the book has escaped the book into our reality.