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Released Year: 1987
Runtime: 92 minutes
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Directors: Enzo Barboni
Casts: Valeria Sabel, Robert Vaughn, Cole S. McKay, Terence Hill, Donald Hodson, Beatrice Palme, Ross Hill, Norman Bowler, Lisa Ann Rubin, Luisa Maneri, Curt Bortel, Joe Krieg, Jannel Robinson, Matthew Uriarte, Royce Clark
IMDB: They Call Me Renegade (1987)

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IMDB Rating: 6.3


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They Call Me Renegade (1987)

While on his travel across the Southwestern United States, with his Jeep CJ Renegade and his chestnut colt named Joe Brown, Luke meets Matt, son of a friend of his, Moose, who is in jail. Moose asks Luke to take care of Matt, and to help him to take possession of a piece of land. So starts their travel, full of adventures...