Bros (2022)

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Released Year: 2022
Runtime: 115 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Directors: Nicholas Stoller
IMDB: Bros (2022)


Two men with commitment problems attempt a relationship.



Collider - Ross Bonaime
Eichner and Stoller have written a film that plays to both of their strengths as storytellers, all while making one of the funniest and most romantic films of 2022.
Slashfilm - Sarah Milner
What follows is an unconventional love story that — although is diverts from and subverts many of the tropes we've grown accustomed to in the genre — feels honest and real for anyone with experience in LGBTQ+ spaces.
Vanity Fair - Richard Lawson
Bros leans into the giddy little revolution of its own existence, inviting the audience into a good, gay time that hasn’t exactly happened, in this way, before.
Uproxx - Mike Ryan
It really is joke after joke after joke, most delivered wonderfully by Eichner. And they sure landed in front of this big audience, but I do wonder how all that will play in a more subdued environment.
Screen Daily - Tim Grierson
A winning romantic comedy about two men whose emotional intimacy issues may jeopardise the good thing they’ve got going, Bros is frequently funny but also quite touching, spearheaded by the dynamite chemistry between co-writer Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane.

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