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7 Minutes (2014)

A young athlete takes a wild turn in life after suffering a serious injury.

7 Minutes (2014)

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Released Year: 2014
Runtime: 92 minutes
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Directors: Jay Martin
Writers: Jay Martin


A young athlete takes a wild turn in life after suffering a serious injury.



The New York Times - Stephen Holden
7 Minutes knows exactly what it is: a directorial calling card to the Quentin Tarantino school of blood-bath cinema.... This film is a nasty piece of work.
The Dissolve - Chris Klimek
It’s handsomely shot and reasonably well-acted, and it’ll likely get Martin better gigs as a director, if not a screenwriter.
Los Angeles Times - Gary Goldstein
Although stylish and intriguingly told, the twisty crime drama "7 Minutes" never quite jumps out of the pack.
The A.V. Club - Jesse Hassenger
Despite its unconvincing seriousness mixing poorly with its unconvincing dark comedy, 7 Minutes proves difficult to despise outright; it’s watchably swift and somewhat engaging in the moment.
New York Daily News - Unnamed
Well, that was the longest seven minutes of my life. An uninspired tale of a small-town robbery gone wrong, 7 Minutes abounds in clichés.

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