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Glossary: Z
Released Year: 2003
Runtime: 116 minutes
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Music
Directors: Takeshi Kitano
Writers: Takeshi Kitano, Kan Shimosawa
Casts: Takeshi Kitano, Tadanobu Asano, Michiyo Ohkusu, Gadarukanaru Taka, Daigorô Tachibana, Yûko Daike, Yui Natsukawa, Ittoku Kishibe, Saburô Ishikura, Akira Emoto, Ben Hiura, Kohji Miura, Hideboh, Ron II, Suji
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Boston Globe - Ty Burr
If there's a larger theme in Zatoichi, it's that nobody is quite who he or she seems.
Baltimore Sun - Chris Kaltenbach
It's a top-notch action film, albeit on the bloody side, complete with decisive action, mysterious characters and a nobility and sense of purpose that allows its excesses to be forgiven.
Rolling Stone - Peter Travers
Kitano is a riveting spectacle. So's the movie.
San Francisco Chronicle - Carla Meyer
Hyper-violent yet emotionally powerful.

Zatoichi (2003)

Blind Zatoichi makes his living by gambling and giving massages. But behind his humble facade, Zatoichi is a master swordsman, gifted with lightning-fast draw and strokes of breathtaking precision. Zatoichi wanders into a town run by sinister gangs and a powerful samurai. He's destined for violent showdowns when he stumbles on two beautiful geishas avenging their parents' murder... Duels, wit and a touch of zen! Cult anti-hero Zatoichi is back in a sword-fighting adventure written, directed and starring Takeshi Kitano.