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Glossary: W
Released Year: 2002
Runtime: 102 minutes
Genre: Horror
Directors: Richard Wenk, Danny Graves
Writers: Larry Katz
Casts: Austin Pendleton, A.J. Buckley, Michael Weston, Meat Loaf, Alexandra Breckenridge, Joseph Ruskin, Sam McMurray, Zelda Rubinstein, Hamilton Camp, Huntley Ritter, Derek Hamilton, Allyce Beasley, Alexandra Holden, Gary Bullock, Gregory Cooke, Sara Downing, Chris McKenna
IMDB: Wishcraft (2002)

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IMDB Rating: 5.2


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Wishcraft (2002)

Life is about to change for Brett Bumpers, Martin Van Buren High School's resident brain. Socially inept and head over heels in love with Samantha the school beauty. Brett receives a mysterious package, a talisman, and the power to make three wishes. Brett makes his first wish - for Samantha to be his date at the school dance, then makes a second wish for Samantha to fall in love with him. But evil forces have been awakened by the use of dark magic. A sinister force appears and methodically and viciously begins to torture and mutilate members of the senior class... with its final and ultimate target the destruction and death of Samantha. Now Brett needs to protect the woman he loves but can only do so by using his last wish turning the dark power of the sinister force upon himself!