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Glossary: W
Released Year: 2007
Runtime: 103 minutes
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Directors: Philip G. Atwell
Writers: Lee Anthony Smith, Gregory J. Bradley
Casts: Jet Li, Jason Statham, John Lone, Devon Aoki, Luis Guzmán, Saul Rubinek, Ryo Ishibashi, Sung Kang, Mathew St. Patrick, Nadine Velazquez, Andrea Roth, Mark Cheng, Kane Kosugi, Kennedy Montano, Terry Chen
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IMDB Rating: 6.3
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A


Entertainment Weekly -
There are few cinematic crimes more heinous than making a boring action movie. Sadly, that's what the first hour of Triads-versus-Yakuza thriller War is.
TV Guide - Ken Fox
It's a complicated plot, but one that leaves plenty of room for everything a fan could want: gunplay, swordfights, brutal mano a mano fisticuffs, motorcycle races, car chases, Japanese gangsters eating sushi off of topless women, and that old standby, a decapitated head in a box.
Film Threat -
Perhaps this movie would have been better off if it starred Steven Seagal and Tom Arnold.
Austin Chronicle -
The action sequences are shot in close-ups and with such rapid editing, it's nearly impossible to find a sense of rhythm let alone follow what's happening.

War (2007)

After his partner Tom Lone and family are killed apparently by the infamous and elusive assassin Rogue, FBI agent Jack Crawford becomes obsessed with revenge as his world unravels into a vortex of guilt and betrayal. Rogue eventually resurfaces to settle a score of his own, setting off a bloody crime war between Asian mob rivals Chang of the Triad's and Yakuza boss Shiro. When Jack and Rogue finally come face to face, the ultimate truth of their pasts will be revealed.