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Released Year: 2017
Runtime: 101 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Directors: Tyler Perry
Writers: Tyler Perry
Casts: Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely, Yousef Erakat, Diamond White, Lexy Panterra, Andre Hall, Brock O'Hurn, Tito Ortiz, Taja V. Simpson, Inanna Sarkis, Hannah Stocking, Mike Tornabene, Jc Caylen, Akende Munalula
IMDB: Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (2017) - IMDB

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50 - Odie Henderson
You’re going to Madea’s house to laugh, forget your troubles and perhaps get a good Christian message. To Perry’s credit, he does a far better job of folding that message into the film than usual.
Variety - Owen Gleiberman
Tyler Perry hasn’t generally been in the business of sequels, but apart from Joe’s overly salty soul-food patter, this one has a joyless, obligatory, cardboard feeling that marks it as one of Perry’s least satisfying films.
TheWrap - Alonso Duralde
Imagine an improv class where students sit in clusters, waiting for something funny to be said or to transpire, and you’ll have an idea of how this haphazard mess plays out.
The A.V. Club - Charles Bramesco
A sequel so wholly anodyne that it doesn’t even deserve its exclamation point.

Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (2017)

Madea, Bam, and Hattie venture to a haunted campground and the group must run for their lives when monsters, goblins, and the boogeyman are unleashed.