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Released Year: 1991
Runtime: 84 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Directors: Rod Daniel
Writers: Sam Simon
Casts: Olga Merediz, Carole Shelley, Stacey Travis, Joe Pesci, Anthony Caso, Rubén Blades, Madolyn Smith Osborne, Vincent Gardenia, Daniel Margotta, Eileen Galindo, Pepe Douglas, Daniel Hagen
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IMDB Rating: 5.5


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The Super (1991)

Joe Pesci stars as Louie Kritski, a heartless landlord who has been so negligent in keeping up his ghetto apartment that he is threatened with jail time. The judge gives him another option, which he accepts -- he must live in his rat-infested hell hole until he brings it up to liveable standards. The judge gives him 120 days, during which time Louie meets many of his tenants, including drug dealer Marlon (Ruben Blades). Over time, Louie grows more sympathetic with their problems and sees the results of his own greediness. Unfortunately, Louie's father, Big Lou Kritski (Vincent Gardenia), is the real owner of the property, and he resists his son's entreaties to spend money to clean up the place.