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Released Year: 2005
Runtime: 94 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Sport
Directors: Barry W. Blaustein
Writers: Ricky Blitt
Casts: Johnny Knoxville, Brian Cox, Katherine Heigl, Jed Rees, Bill Chott, Edward Barbanell, Leonard Earl Howze, Geoffrey Arend, John Taylor, Luis Avalos, Leonard Flowers, Zen Gesner, Steve Levy, Alcides Dias, Mike Cerrone
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IMDB Rating: 5.8
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A


Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert
The movie surprised me. It treats its disabled characters with affection and respect, it has a plot that uses the Special Olympics instead of misusing them, and it's actually kind of sweet.
San Francisco Chronicle - Peter Hartlaub
The movie's shockingly tasteless setup is also its secret weapon. Despite many scenes in The Ringer that could individually be viewed as politically incorrect, audiences will be laughing with the athletes most of the time.
TV Guide - Ken Fox
It's the supporting characters' combination of smarts and sass, not to mention an honest and positive depiction of the mentally challenged, that turns this potentially crude and heartless comedy into something that the Special Olympics actually endorses.
USA Today - Mike Clark
Knoxville is functional only when the movie needs a bravura comic performance, but The Ringer is easy enough to take.

The Ringer (2005)

This comedy is about two guys who decide to rig the Special Olympics to pay off a debt by having one of them, Steve (Knoxville), pose as a contestant in the games, hoping to dethrone reigning champion, Jimmy. Mentally-challenged high jinks and hilarity surely follow.