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Released Year: 2016
Runtime: 85 minutes
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Directors: Thomas Della Bella
Writers: Thomas Della Bella
Casts: Todd Lowe, Brooke Butler, Lisa Brenner, Nikki Hahn, Samuel Larsen, Hannah Nordberg, Maria Olsen, Ashley Crow, Jenni Blong, Tava Smiley, Ian Duncan, Dash Williams, Courtney Cunningham, Julie Millett, John Pirruccello
IMDB: The Remains (2016) - IMDB

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IMDB Rating: 3.7
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A


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The Remains (2016)

After a family moves into an old Victorian home, they discover a chest in the attic containing antiques tainted by a malevolent spirit. As the antiques slowly possess each family member, the spirit grows stronger, hellbent on kidnapping the children.