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Released Year: 2019
Runtime: 96 minutes
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller
Directors: Matthew Butler
Writers: Tori Hart, Matthew Butler
Casts: Conleth Hill, Fisayo Akinade, Emma King, Alix Wilton Regan, Alex Hassell, Tori Hart, Graham Butler, Dickon Tyrrell, Joe Bannister, Ben Lee
IMDB: The Isle (2018)

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IMDB Rating: 6.1


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The Isle (2018)

1840 and another ship crashes on the rocks of an almost deserted island in Scotland. Three sailors survive the wreck and make it to shore where the few locals take them in as they wait for the mainland boat to come for them. But the sailors' survival story has only just started as they uncover the strange past of the once vibrant island.