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Released Year: 1994
Runtime: 115 minutes
Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Directors: Roger Donaldson
Casts: Kim Basinger, Michael Madsen, Alec Baldwin, David Morse, Philip Seymour Hoffman, James Woods, Jennifer Tilly, Burton Gilliam, Richard Farnsworth, James Stephens, Elske McCain
IMDB: The Getaway (1994)

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IMDB Rating: 5.8


Orlando Sentinel - Jay Boyar
Putting up with weeks - or even months - of such media-fed psychobabble is a big price to pay for a couple of hours of defiantly unwholesome entertainment. The Getaway might just be worth it, though.
Variety - Todd McCarthy
The Getaway is a pretty good remake of a pretty good action thriller.
The New York Times - Caryn James
Their appeal as a couple of gorgeous outlaws is the main reason to see this sleek, entertaining remake of Sam Peckinpah's 1972 action film.
Los Angeles Times - Kenneth Turan
A perfectly respectable thriller that mostly manages to be as crisp and efficient as the crimes it depicts, this Roger Donaldson-directed Getaway compares favorably with the Sam Peckinpah original.
Empire - Kim Newman
A little too exactly like the original but with (fewer) memorable performances.

The Getaway (1994)

Doc McCoy is put in prison because his partners chickened out and flew off without him after exchanging a prisoner with a lot of money. Doc knows Jack Benyon, a rich "business"-man, is up to something big, so he tells his wife (Carol McCoy) to tell him that he's for sale if Benyon can get him out of prison. Benyon pulls some strings and Doc McCoy is released again. Unfortunately he has to cooperate with the same person that got him to prison.