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Released Year: 2016
Runtime: 102 minutes
Genre: Drama, Thriller, War
Directors: Ian Olds
Writers: Ian Olds, Paul Felten
Casts: Dominic Rains, Melissa Leo, James Franco, Rachel Brosnahan, Thomas Jay Ryan, Tim Kniffin, James Oliver Wheatley, Jason Craig, Wendy Vanden Heuvel, Christopher Kuckenbaker, John Craven, Michelle Maxson, Ari Vozaitis, Sharia Pierce, Keith Baker
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We Got This Covered - Lauren Humphries-Brooks
A well-acted, slow burning indie, The Fixer uses thriller mechanisms to examine insular, tribal cultures through the eyes of an outsider.
The Seattle Times - Soren Andersen
The performances are first rate, particularly Rains' work in the lead role.
The Hollywood Reporter - John DeFore
Rains, who was given an acting award by the Tribeca jury, brings such a sense of purpose to the part that the movie never goes slack.
Variety - Dennis Harvey
While Olds and Paul Felten's screenplay requires some significant credulity leaps, The Fixer is flavorsome, engaging and unpredictable enough that one can give those gaps a pass, at least to an extent.

The Fixer (2016)

After being exiled from Afghanistan, a former war journalist settles in a small town in Northern California and takes a job with a local newspaper. But when he attempts to cover local crime, he stumbles into local corruption that puts himself and others in danger.