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Released Year: 2016
Runtime: 110 minutes
Genre: Drama, Western
Directors: Kieran Darcy-Smith
Writers: Matt Cook
Casts: Liam Hemsworth, Alice Braga, Woody Harrelson, Emory Cohen, William Sadler, Raphael Sbarge, Benedict Samuel, Sue-Lynn Ansari, Christopher James Baker, José Zúñiga, Christopher Berry, Giles Matthey, Kerry Cahill, Felicity Price, Chester Rushing
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The A.V. Club - Alex McCown
Blessed with solid supporting character work and several scenes of genuine good fun, the movie manages to make its nearly two-hour run-time pass by easily enough, but not so much so that the seams on this patchwork quilt don't still show.
Entertainment Weekly -
The plot may be fairly predictable, but Harrelson goes all in as the deranged preacher, and he's a delight to watch, whether he's wiggling his eyebrow tattoos or prancing about town on horseback, dressed in an all-white suit. Hemsworth, on the other hand, remains monotone.
The Seattle Times - Tom Keogh
Despite promising elements of mixed-genre thrills, the film is finally the underwhelming sum of too many plot devices.
New York Observer - Rex Reed
The theme is racism, insanity and savage brutality in Texas. Some things never change. I guess it's a new-fangled old-fashioned western.

The Duel (2016)

A Texas Ranger investigates a series of unexplained deaths in a town called Helena.