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Released Year: 1987
Runtime: 116 minutes
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance
Directors: John Badham
Casts: J.J. Makaro, Forest Whitaker, Aidan Quinn, Beatrice Boepple, Dan Lauria, Madeleine Stowe, Lossen Chambers, Jackson Davies, Richard Dreyfuss, Lloyd Berry, Earl Billings, Emilio Estevez, Don S. Davis, Ian Tracey, Blu Mankuma, Elizabeth Bracco, Kim Kondrashoff, Denalda Williams, Jan Speck, Don MacKay, Gary Hetherington, Scott Andersen, Tony Pantages, David Brass
IMDB: Stakeout (1987)

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IMDB Rating: 6.6


The New York Times - Unnamed
Delivers excitement, humor and good nature. The director uses the conventions of the action-comedy in so adroit a way that you may even forget the hundred other films you've seen lately about a couple of cops kidding around with each other in between battling the bad guys.
Variety - Unnamed
StakeOut is a slick, sure-footed entertainment, one part buddy comedy and one part police actioner stitched together with a dash of romance.
Washington Post - Desson Thomson
A mature human farce that values characters' foibles over their firearms.
Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert
Stakeout is an example of a movie that would have been a lot better if the filmmakers had been prepared to trust the human dimensions of their characters - to follow these people where their personalities led. Instead, Badham takes out an insurance policy by adding the assembly-line violence.
TV Guide Magazine - Unnamed
This movie marked a virtuoso return for Dreyfuss, who is captivating in his role.

Stakeout (1987)

Two cops are given the 'dirty' job of staking out the home of an escaped convict's ex-girlfriend. Chris and the beautiful girlfriend accidentally meet and fall in love. Just as Chris' confesses, the convict appears, but will she betray him ?