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Glossary: S
Released Year: 2011
Runtime: 85 minutes
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Directors: Mike Gunther
Writers: Mike Gunther, Mike Behrman
Casts: Bruce Willis, James Remar, Jenna Dewan, Richard Goteri, Omar J. Dorsey, Susie Abromeit, 50 Cent, Shaun Toub, Ryan Phillippe, Randy Couture, Will Yun Lee, Jay Karnes, Jordan Trovillion, Ambyr Childers, Theo Kypri, Rory Markham, Brett Granstaff, Ralph Lister, Alex Safi, Rich Komenich
IMDB: Setup (2011)

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IMDB Rating: 4.4


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Setup (2011)

A group of friends plan out a detailed heist that turns deadly when one betrays the other by taking off with the goods. Taking matters into his own hands, Sonny seeks out his revenge teaming up with the most dangerous mob boss in town to get back what is rightfully his. When he finally comes face to face with his longtime friend he will be forced to make a life changing choice.