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Glossary: R
Released Year: 1995
Runtime: 139 minutes
Genre: Adventure, Biography, History
Directors: Michael Caton-Jones
Writers: Alan Sharp
Casts: Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, John Hurt, Tim Roth, Eric Stoltz, Andrew Keir, Brian Cox, Brian McCardie, Gilbert Martin, Vicki Masson, Gilly Gilchrist, Jason Flemyng, Ewan Stewart, David Hayman, Brian McArthur
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Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert
This is a splendid, rousing historical adventure, an example of what can happen when the best direction, acting, writing and technical credits are brought to bear on what might look like shopworn material.
ReelViews - James Berardinelli
As embodied by Liam Neeson, Rob Roy is a tremendous protagonist -- a naive man whose belief in honor and whose love for a woman, family, and clan make him a figure to cheer for.
TV Guide -
Rob Roy succeeds more as an old-fashioned romance (nice to see Jessica Lange, instead of some babe du jour, as Rob's fiercely proud wife), than as an action epic.
Empire -
Braveheart in a new kilt. Not exactly original, then, but worth a look.

Rob Roy (1995)

In the highlands of Scotland in the 1700s, Rob Roy tries to lead his small town to a better future, by borrowing money from the local nobility to buy cattle to herd to market. When the money is stolen, Rob is forced into a Robin Hood lifestyle to defend his family and honour.