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Glossary: R
Released Year: 2004
Runtime: minutes
Genre: Family, Music, Romance
Directors: Sean McNamara
Writers: Mitch Rotter, Sam Schreiber
Casts: Hilary Duff, Oliver James, David Keith, Dana Davis, Johnny Lewis, Rita Wilson, Lauren C. Mayhew, Kat Dennings, Jason Ritter, Rebecca De Mornay, John Corbett, Carly Reeves, James Avery, Robert Trebor, Steven T. Palmer
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San Francisco Chronicle - Ruthe Stein
Raises the bar for movies geared to teens.
Boston Globe - Wesley Morris
The movie's enthusiasm is as indelible and shiny as the lip gloss its star wears to bed.
USA Today - Mike Clark
Actor John Corbett, so clean-cut in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "Raising Helen," goes surprisingly scruffy here as someone who apparently studied music under Grizzly Adams.
Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert
Her dad was right about one thing. Something terrible did happen to her (Duff) in Los Angeles. She made this movie.

Raise Your Voice (2004)

This film is about a teenage girl who is very upset about her brother's death in a car crash. Terri has a love of singing and making up her own songs. Her brother (before his death) secretly submits a DVD of her singing to a musical summer camp down in L.A. Her father doesn't want her to go, but secretly her mom lets her go and everything goes fine, except she has stage fright. She gets through her stage fright with the help of her new friend Jay. At the end of the contest everyone at the musical school have to perform something. And if they win, they win a scholarship along with it. Her dad finds out, comes down to L.A. and threatens to take her home! Will he let her stay? and will she win the contest? Viewers are on the edges of their seats to find out what happens...