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Glossary: P
Released Year: 2017
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Directors: Adam MacDonald
Writers: Adam MacDonald
Casts: Missy Peregrym, Nicole Muñoz, Laurie Holden, James McGowan, Chloe Rose, Neil Whitely, Eric Osborne, Victoria Sanchez, Bianca Melchior, Romeo Carere
IMDB: Pyewacket (2017)

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IMDB Rating: 5.7


Los Angeles Times - Noel Murray
Pyewacket's payoff is a bit too meager given the creepy build-up. But as a psychodrama about a troubled mother and daughter, this movie is gripping from start to finish. Like a lot of the best horror, it's about the hells people conjure for themselves.
The Hollywood Reporter - Frank Scheck
Pyewacket is a slow-burn chiller that is all the more impressive for its subtlety.
Variety - Dennis Harvey
It’s the rare horror film that’s actually more effective in psychological terms than in suspense ones.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - Kate Taylor
The heavy-handed score, narrow performances (Nicole Munoz as the repeatedly terrified daughter; Laurie Holden as the dense mum) and weak dialogue all fail to justify a provocative ending that overturns the exorcising conventions of the genre.

Pyewacket (2017)

A frustrated, angry teenage girl awakens something in the woods when she naively performs an occult ritual to evoke a witch to kill her mother.