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Glossary: P
Released Year: 1986
Runtime: 111 minutes
Genre: Drama
Directors: Sidney Lumet
Writers: David Himmelstein
Casts: Denzel Washington, Richard Gere, Julie Christie, E.G. Marshall, Beatrice Straight, Gene Hackman, Fritz Weaver, Kate Capshaw, Matt Salinger, Michael Learned, E. Katherine Kerr, J. T. Walsh, Omar Torres
IMDB: Power (1986)

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IMDB Rating: 5.7


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Power (1986)

Pete St. John is a powerful and successful political consultant, with clients spread around the country. When his long-time friend and client Ohio senator Sam Hastings decides to quit politics, he is rapidly drafted to help with the campaign of the man destined to succeed him, unknown and mysterious businessman Jerome Cade...