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Released Year: 2016
Runtime: 94 minutes
Genre: Documentary, Adventure
Directors: Jean-Christophe Jeauffre
Writers: Jean-Christophe Jeauffre, Pascal Lee
Casts: Zachary Quinto, Charlotte Rampling, Pascal Lee, Buzz Aldrin, John Schutt, Jesse Weaver, Jean-Christophe Jeauffre, Joe Amarualik, Mark Carroll
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Village Voice - Alan Scherstuhl
Passage to Mars is almost apologetic about being stuck on our world; to make up for it, it continually cuts to digital explorations of Mars itself, while Quinto asks more haunting questions. It's a thrill to see so careful a re-creation - and some actual footage - of Martian geography.
We Got This Covered -
Jeauffre's blending of terrestrial and extraterrestrial imagery is hypnotizing and spectacular, but this story of survival feels too bloodless to appeal to the average viewer.
The Hollywood Reporter - John DeFore
Danger doesn't quite translate into sustained drama here, in part because the reliance on voiceover distances us from the action.
Los Angeles Times - Michael Rechtshaffen
[A] misguided hybrid that makes tediously clear from the outset that the conceit just isn't working.

Passage to Mars (2016)

The journals of a true NASA Arctic expedition unveils the adventure of a six-man crew's aboard an experimental vehicle designed to prepare the first human exploration of Mars. A voyage of fears and survival, hopes and dreams, through the beauties and the deadly dangers of two worlds: the High Arctic and Mars, a planet that might hide the secret of our origins.