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Glossary: H
Released Year: 1990
Runtime: 100 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Directors: James D. Parriott
Casts: Denzel Washington, Bob Hoskins, Theresa Randle, Ray Baker, Chloe Webb, Alan Rachins, Ja'net DuBois, Roger E. Mosley
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TheWrap - Alonso Duralde
Fast and funny, filled with memorable characters, and able to balance slapstick and violence without spilling too far in either direction, this frenetic R-rated farce is that rare comic gem that lands on all the spaces without ever going to jail.
IndieWire - Steve Greene
At first, you may be inclined to reject it outright, but Game Night works so hard to win viewers over that it eventually finds its way to a winning formula.
Consequence of Sound - Michael Roffman
It’s essentially David Fincher’s The Game matched with the comic overtones of Horrible Bosses, which is why it winds up being an entertaining jaunt.
Variety - Owen Gleiberman
The movie manipulates its audience in cunning and puckish ways. It’s no big whoop, but you’re happy to have been played.

Heart Condition (1990)

Jack Moony, a white cop, has it in for a black lawyer to the drug crowd, Napoleon Stone. That Stone is now dating his ex-girlfriend doesn't help matters at all. Stone is shot after Moony suffers a heart attack and wakes to find that he not only has a new heart, but that it is Stone's and that Stone's ghost is now his constant companion. Stone is insistent that Moony not only take care of his heart now but that Moony solve his murder.