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Glossary: G
Released Year: 2012
Runtime: 98 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Directors: Stephen Gyllenhaal
Writers: Stephen Gyllenhaal, Justin Rhodes
Casts: Cobie Smulders, Jason Biggs, Christopher McDonald, Lauren Ambrose, Joel David Moore, Cedric the Entertainer, Tom Arnold, Emily Bergl, Todd Stashwick, Basil Harris, Michael Nardelli, D.C. Pierson, Noah Harpster, Russell Hodgkinson, Lance Rosen
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Portland Oregonian - Marc Mohan
Perhaps the most curious omission from the movie Grassroots is that there's no mention at all of the classic "Simpsons" episode "Marge vs. the Monorail."
Grassroots is a movie where bad ideas, because they're the ones championed by the "correct" side, are king. It never acknowledges that sometimes idealism is just another kind of manipulation.
The Hollywood Reporter - John DeFore
A campaign movie for viewers who, if they care about politics at all, certainly don't require the full Sorkin treatment.
Variety - Ronnie Scheib
Registers like a quaint display of local color.

Grassroots (2012)

After losing his job, a journalist reluctantly agrees to help his oddball friend with his bid to earn a seat on the Seattle City Council.