General Information

Glossary: G
Released Year: 1972
Runtime: 74 minutes
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Directors: Bill L. Norton
Writers: Elinor Karpf, Steven Karpf
Casts: Scott Glenn, Jennifer Salt, Rock A. Walker, Bernie Casey, Mickey Alzola, Cornel Wilde, Vic Perrin, Grayson Hall, William Stevens, John Gruber, Woody Chambliss, Jim Connell, Timothy Burns, Greg Walker
IMDB: Gargoyles (1972)

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IMDB Rating: 6.2


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Gargoyles (1972)

After receiving word about a mysterious carcass/skeleton unearthed in the Arizona desert, a father and his daughter decide to remove it from the burial grounds for further study. Once they do so, they, as well as the town, are besieged by a colony of gargoyles living in some nearby caverns.