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Glossary: E
Released Year: 1998
Runtime: 121 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Directors: Andy Tennant
Casts: Toby Jones, Anjelica Huston, Drew Barrymore, Joerg Stadler, Anna Maguire, Matyelok Gibbs, Amanda Walker, Lee Ingleby, Dougray Scott, Walter Sparrow, Jeroen Krabbé, Melanie Lynskey, Megan Dodds, Timothy West, Patrick Godfrey, Judy Parfitt, Kate Lansbury, Jeanne Moreau, Richard O'Brien, Peter Gunn, Andy Henderson, Elizabeth Earl, Alex Pooley, Janet Henfrey, Ursula Jones, Rupam Maxwell
IMDB: EverAfter (1998)

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IMDB Rating: 7.0


Rolling Stone - Peter Travers
The radiant Barrymore energizes Cinderella with a tough core of intelligence and wit.
Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert
Here, as the little cinder girl, she is able to at last put aside her bedraggled losers and flower as a fresh young beauty, and she brings poignancy and fire to the role.
Christian Science Monitor - David Sterritt
There's no reason for stretching this tale to more than two hours, but Huston is amusingly tart as the stepmom, and it's hard to resist a movie that substitutes Leonardo da Vinci for the traditional fairy godmother.
ReelViews - James Berardinelli
Tennant takes this familiar material and crafts a charming, captivating motion picture.
Chicago Reader - Lisa Alspector
Their blossoming love is thwarted at every opportunity by wicked stepmother Anjelica Huston, whose practical motive -- she wants her own daughter to become queen -- is part of an unusually nuanced characterization.

EverAfter (1998)

A unique 16th century woman, Danielle possesses a love of books, and can easily quote from Sir Thomas More’s Utopia. An intriguing mix of tomboyish athleticism and physical beauty, she has more than enough charm to capture the heart of a prince ... after beaning him with an apple.