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Glossary: E
Released Year: 2020
Runtime: 124 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Directors: Autumn de Wilde
Casts: Amber Anderson, Bill Nighy, Gemma Whelan, Suzie Toase, Rupert Graves, Johnny Flynn, Nicholas Burns, Lucy Briers, Oliver Chris, Josh O'Connor, Myra McFadyen, Miranda Hart, Hannah Stokely, Mia Goth, Chloe Pirrie, Callum Turner, Anya Taylor-Joy, Anna Francolini, Connor Swindells, Christopher Godwin, Angus Imrie, Tanya Reynolds, Rose Shalloo, Esther Coles, Suzy Bloom, Vanessa Owen, Isis Hainsworth, Charlotte Weston
IMDB: Emma. (2020)

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IMDB Rating: 7.0


TheWrap - Robert Abele
Mr. Woodhouse’s daughter may be a case study in the perils of playing God with others’ hearts, but Emma. is proof that bringing a timeless book and fresh talent together is still a worthy kind of artistic matchmaking.
IndieWire - David Ehrlich
De Wilde doesn’t strain for relevance or reinvent the wheel, she just unapologetically serves dessert for dinner until you’re left with the satisfaction of eating a three-course meal.
Variety - Andrew Barker
There’s something quite comforting in seeing her (Austen) work returned to a more natural habitat: adapted into handsome, clever, faithfully unambitious films like Autumn de Wilde’s Emma.
The A.V. Club - Caroline Siede
Anchoring it all is horror darling Anya Taylor-Joy, who makes for a particularly icy Emma.
The Hollywood Reporter - Caryn James
De Wilde and Catton deliver a largely faithful and unchallenging adaptation, beautifully staged and sharply acted by a cast adept at balancing wit and romance.

Emma. (2020)

In 1800s England, a well-meaning but selfish young woman meddles in the love lives of her friends.