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Glossary: E
Released Year: 2015
Runtime: 85 minutes
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
Directors: Claire Carré
Writers: Claire Carré, Charles Spano
Casts: Jason Ritter, Tucker Smallwood, Dominique Swain, Brandon Bowens, Greta Fernández, Karl Glusman, Iva Gocheva, Roberto Cots, Matthew Goulish, Silvan Friedman, Sundance, Ryan Czerwonko, Derrick Aguis, Janice Culver, Arianna Messner, Nathaniel Andrew, Kirsten Kairos
IMDB: Embers (2015)

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IMDB Rating: 5.3


Los Angeles Times - Michael Rechtshaffen
While one wishes Carré, who shares screenplay credit with Charles Spano, might have hung those stirring visuals on more involving plotting, Embers nevertheless makes a strong, not to mention timely, impression.
The Hollywood Reporter - Frank Scheck
Embers strains for a philosophical profundity that eludes it. And despite its brief running time, so little actually happens in the plot that it feels much longer than it is. But the film has many resonant moments.
The Playlist - Jordan Ruimy
Embers attempts to be a complicated dissection of a possible world not too far ahead of us, but it lacks the imagination to make us soar along with its vision.
Variety - Scott Tobias
Embers offers a series of compelling premises and never follows through on them, content to drift along on its characters’ dull malaise and allow self-conscious visual poetry to stand in for real emotion.

Embers (2015)

After a global neurological epidemic, those who remain search for meaning and connection in a world without memory. Five interwoven stories each explore a different facet of life without memory in a future that has no past.