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Glossary: D
Released Year: 2000
Runtime: 101 minutes
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Directors: Sheri Elwood
Writers: Sheri Elwood
Casts: Daniel Brühl, Anthony Higgins, Alberta Watson, Lynn Redgrave, Kirsten Dunst, Richard M. Davidson, Gerard Parkes, Trent Ford, Jessica Turner, Julia Brendler, Brent Carver, Peter Donaldson, Tara Rosling, Alexa Gilmour, Mark Day, Mary-Colin Chisholm
IMDB: Deeply (2000)

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IMDB Rating: 5.9


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Deeply (2000)

On Ironbound Island, native Fiona McKay arrives from Europe with her teenage daughter Clair, hoping that the peace of the island will help the girl get over the death of her boyfriend. The girl finds comfort in the company of a visiting American girl and more so in the stories of Celia, a crazy old local who weaves enchanting tales which cleverly combine her own experiences on the island with mystifying legends.