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Glossary: D
Released Year: 2009
Runtime: 87 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Directors: Christian Forte
Writers: Christian Forte
Casts: Christopher McDonald, Chris Pratt, Jacki R. Chan, Rachel Specter, Scott Caan, Blanca Soto, Taryn Southern, Tracy Morgan, Betsy Rue, Amber Hay, Nikki Griffin, Caroline de Souza Correa, Dianne Perry, Lisa Gleave, Denise Richards, Heidi Herschbach, Jay Jablonski, Jane Doole, Brendan Hines, Kate Albrecht, Charlotte Salt, Michael C. Kricfalusi, Tim Trobec, Kim Kardashian, Alison Waite, Kieran Newton, Shayne Lamas, Lindsey Kelley, Annie Huntley, Madison Bauer, Heather Vandeven, Olivia Alexander, Deanna Smith, Tiffany Fallon, Jordan Hagan, Jenelle Moreno, Anabel De La Cerna, Katie Cornwell, Koreana Hun, Camille Calvin, Ana Alexander, Brittany Evans, Sandra McCoy, Steve Paymer, Aubrie Lemon, Jessica Hall, Amanda Evans, Jenilee Borek, Didier Cohen, Damon Cardasis, Lisa Daniels, Sara Voss, Lexi Baxter, Olivia O'Lovely, Jessica Anderson, Stephanie Bartak, Renee Barton, Ladae Bond, Sergio Candido, Julianna David, Donovan Del Pinto, Fumi Desalu-Vold, Jackie Forge, Jenifer Rebecca Foster, Carla Harvey, Kristin J. Hooper, Klaudia Ann Jaworski, Katherine Kendall, Kylah Kim, Teresa Michelle Lee, Michael Lovern, Jessica Madison, Chuanda Mason, Evie Nicholson, Amy Paffrath, Whitnee Patterson, Tami Ross, Brittany Thomas, Taylor Tunes, Jarvia Udosen, Julia Faye West, Jacklyn Zeman, Jacklyn Zeman
IMDB: Deep in the Valley (2009)

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IMDB Rating: 4.4


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Deep in the Valley (2009)

Best friends, Carl and Lester, find themselves magically transported into an alternate universe straight out of a real-life adult movie. Hilarity ensues as they embark upon a journey of adult-themed mayhem while Carl ultimately finds true love in the most unlikely of places.