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Glossary: D
Released Year: 2007
Runtime: 98 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Directors: Peter Hedges
Casts: Jessica Hecht, Alison Pill, Amy Ryan, Frank Wood, Dane Cook, John Franchi, Steve Carell, Emily Blunt, John Mahoney, Norbert Leo Butz, Willa Cuthrell-Tuttleman, Dianne Wiest, Matthew Morrison, Juliette Binoche, Britt Robertson, Marlene Lawston, CJ Adams, Henry Priest Miller, Amy Landecker, Shana Carr, Lucas Hedges
IMDB: Dan in Real Life (2007)

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IMDB Rating: 6.8


Entertainment Weekly - Owen Gleiberman
A nimble and supple and moving comedy.
Rolling Stone - Peter Travers
Carell shows a whole new side to his talents.
Chicago Tribune - Michael Phillips
As a director Hedges is smart enough to allow his actors to share the frame and interact and let the material breathe.
The Hollywood Reporter - Kirk Honeycutt
Provides Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche with comic roles that fit them like designer threads.
Variety - Joe Leydon
Deftly interlaces heart and humor in a witty, warm and well-observed comedy about the unexpected and inconvenient blooming of romance at the weekend gathering of an extended family.

Dan in Real Life (2007)

Advice columnist, Dan Burns is an expert on relationships, but somehow struggles to succeed as a brother, a son and a single parent to three precocious daughters. Things get even more complicated when Dan finds out that the woman he falls in love with is actually his brother's new girlfriend.