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Glossary: C
Released Year: 2002
Runtime: 113 minutes
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Directors: George Clooney
Writers: Chuck Barris, Charlie Kaufman
Casts: Dick Clark, Sam Rockwell, Michelle Sweeney, Drew Barrymore, Chelsea Ceci, Michael Cera, Aimee Rose Ambroziak, Isabelle Blais, Melissa Carter, Jennifer Hall, Ilona Elkin, Sean Tucker, Jaye P. Morgan, Maggie Gyllenhaal, David Julian Hirsh
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Boston Globe - Ty Burr
Screenwriter Kaufman is in fine meta-fettle here, even if he's still losing control of his material toward the end, and while it's too soon to tell whether Clooney has the stuff of a great director, he certainly knows who to hire.
Rolling Stone - Peter Travers
Clooney fashions a style all his own: visceral, vital and churning with off-the-wall ideas. That's what makes you want to see Clooney direct again. You can feel his joy in it.
San Francisco Chronicle - Mick LaSalle
A moody picture that's filled from start to finish with camera tricks, unexpected angles and innovative flourishes.
USA Today - Claudia Puig
May not be a straightforward bio, nor does it offer much in the way of Barris' motivations, but the film is an oddly fascinating depiction of an architect of pop culture.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)

Television made him famous, but his biggest hits happened off screen. 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' is the story of a legendary showman's double life - television producer by day, CIA assassin by night. At the height of his TV career, Chuck Barris was recruited by the CIA and trained to become a covert operative. Or so Barris said.