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Glossary: C
Released Year: 2017
Runtime: 92 minutes
Genre: Fantasy
Directors: Kevan Peterson
Writers: Kevan Peterson
Casts: Emmy Perry, Elisabeth Röhm, Morgan Fairchild, Jack Dylan Grazer, Nikki Hahn, Kimberly Hidalgo, Stephen Snedden, Sterling Sulieman, Mason Vale Cotton, Noree Victoria, Elsie Fisher, Hannah Fraser, Lily Berlina, Emily Rued, A Leslie Kies
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Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert
Cat People moves back and forth between its mythic and realistic levels, held together primarily by the strength of Kinski's performance and John Heard's obsession. Kinski is something. She never overacts in this movie, never steps wrong, never seems ridiculous; she just steps onscreen and convincingly underplays a leopard. Heard also is good.
Variety -
Paul Schrader’s reworking of the 1942 Val Lewton-Jacques Tourneur Cat People is a super-chic erotic horror story of mixed impact. Kinski was essential to the film as conceived, and she’s endlessly watchable.
The Dissolve - Nathan Rabin
While Cat People feels like an early Bruckheimer production, it’s also permeated with the themes that personify Schrader’s work as a screenwriter and filmmaker: obsession, sex, the strange permutations of destiny, and man’s bottomless capacity for cruelty and violence.
The New York Times - Vincent Canby
Miss Kinski and Mr. McDowell are most effective - eerie and damned -and Mr. Heard is stalwart and self-effacing as the mere human who stumbles onto the truth and forever guards the secret.

Cat People (1982)

The Cat People originated way back in time, when humans sacrificed their women to leopards, who mated with them. Cat People look similar to humans, but must mate with other Cat People before they transform into panthers. Irene Gallier was raised by adoptive parents and meets her older brother Paul for the first time since childhood. We follow brother and sister - who seem to be the only ones of their kind left.