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Released Year: 2016
Runtime: 100 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Directors: Simon Aboud
Writers: Simon Aboud
Casts: Jessica Brown Findlay, Andrew Scott, Tom Wilkinson, Jeremy Irvine, Anna Chancellor, Eileen Davies, Charlotte Asprey, Lola Sultan, Paul Blackwell, Claire Ashton, Mia Farkasovska, Tia Shenton
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Observer - Rex Reed
A charming, beautifully photographed modern fairy tale about love and gardening, This Beautiful Fantastic is worth seeing in spite of its dumb deterrent of a title.
The Hollywood Reporter - Sheri Linden
Writer-director Simon Aboud doesn’t push the quirk factor; even when the narrative is at its most playful, he keeps it rooted to a lived-in reality. Mining familiar territory with an earnest clarity, he shapes a mild yet winning fantasy about hearts opening and friendships blooming.
The New York Times - Neil Genzlinger
Enjoyable performances keep the tale from becoming too heavy-handed.
Movie Nation - Roger Moore
Findlay and Scott don’t force their charm on us, Wilkinson makes the aphorisms, anecdotes and literary quotations poetic and warm. So much of it takes place in the flowers and brambles of a garden that the movie smells like spring.

This Beautiful Fantastic (2016)

A young woman who dreams of being a children's author makes an unlikely friendship with a cantankerous, rich old widower.