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Glossary: B
Released Year: 2010
Runtime: 100 minutes
Genre: Drama
Directors: Shawn Ku
Casts: Michael Sheen, Alan Tudyk, Meat Loaf, Moon Bloodgood, Maria Bello, Kyle Gallner, Bruce French
IMDB: Beautiful Boy (2010) - IMDB

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IMDB Rating: 6.6
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A


New York Observer - Rex Reed
Too bleak and wrenching to recommend unconditionally. You need a strong constitution to watch it soberly, but it is a gripping experience that left me weak in the knees.
NPR - Jeannette Catsoulis
Beautiful Boy is the antithesis of melodrama. Painfully perceptive and relentlessly raw, this intimate observation of a couple in extremis plays out with such subdued intensity that, by the end, audiences will very likely feel as wrung out as its embattled stars.
Movieline - Michelle Orange
Ultimately, the effort, however rough in patches, is to be admired. We need our best minds on this subject, in all arenas, and Beautiful Boy is another jagged, early piece in a puzzle whose borders haven't formed yet.
Rolling Stone - Peter Travers
Blazing performance will burn in your memory. Same goes for the film.

Beautiful Boy (2010)

Bill and Kate are in an emotionless marriage with their only son away at college. They knew he didn't sound happy but then comes the news that he was the mass murderer at his school killing 17 professors, fellow students and himself. They try to move on with their lives but they are held back by their own grief and the fact that the media and everyone around them view them as monsters. The more they fight it, they realize they only have each other.