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Glossary: A
Released Year: 1988
Runtime: 93 minutes
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Directors: Renny Harlin
Writers: Wes Craven, William Kotzwinkle
Casts: Lisa Wilcox, Andras Jones, Danny Hassel, Rodney Eastman, Tuesday Knight, Ken Sagoes, Brooke Bundy, Nicholas Mele, Toy Newkirk, Brooke Theiss, Robert Englund, Jacquelyn Masche, Hope Marie Carlton, Richard Garrison, John Beckman
IMDB: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 The Dream Master (1988) - IMDB

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IMDB Rating: 5.7
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A


Chicago Tribune - Dave Kehr
Directed by the Finnish-born Renny Harlin, it's a deft, fluid piece that rushes from one surrealist epiphany to the next, and along the way displays a craft and imagination far above the norms for the genre.
Chicago Reader - Jonathan Rosenbaum
Harlin's arsenal of conceits and visual effects--pirouetting overhead angles, dancing trigonometry formulas, a pizza flavored with tiny human heads, a lot of fancy play with a water bed, and much, much more--keeps it consistently watchable and inventive.
Empire -
Surprisingly watchable for the third sequel and despite its general predictability it's entertainingly inventive.
TV Guide Magazine -
It seems that with Part 4, Freddy Krueger has just about run out of gas. Getting further and further away from creator Wes Craven's original concept, the series has declined into a plotless series of special-effects set pieces featuring Freddy slicing and dicing a variety of teenagers in their dreams. What the films lack in narrative, however, they make up for with pure cinematic panache, and the latest installment is no exception.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 The Dream Master (1988)

Following up the previous Nightmare film, the dream demon Freddy Krueger is resurrected from his apparent demise, and rapidly tracks down and kills all three of the surviving Elm Street kids. However, Kristen (who has the ability to draw others into her dreams) wills her special ability to her friend Alice before her demise. Afterwords, Alice soon realizes that Freddy is taking advantage of that unknown power she now wields to pull a new group of teenage children into his foul domain.